Welcome to my arsenal. This is my most current list of what I'm using for just about anything from trading platform, charting tools, books, videos, education and anything I tap into to keep me focused and progressing.


Infinite Prosperity

I can't say enough great stuff about these people. Its great content, easy to digest and covers more than just trading. They have several subscription levels and never pressure you into coughing up more of your money. Once you're done the lessons, I encourage you to sign up to their Active Trader program which has weekly, in depth videos going over opportunities, trades, market sentiment and techniques.



I love books...as much as I can read. But reading is time consuming so I often will opt for audio versions of the following via Audible. Either way, the following are highly recommended.

The 4 hour work week

Timothy Ferriss

Trim the fat from your routine. Optimize your life and time to live like a millionaire. Work smarter not harder and create the ultimate lifestyle. (Audible version here)

the 10x rule

Grant Cardone

Take massive action now! This book gets you moving. Nothing happens to those that that don't move or take big steps to garauntee success. Get results now! (Audible version here)

Zero to one

Peter Thiel

This book is an incredible read. Get moving and build your empire. Eliminate the competition and build a monopoly. (Audible version here)

The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt

Garrett Sutton

Debt is a major obstacle in your quest to financial freedom...it can permanently put it on hold. This book is a good resource for anyone looking for general information on how to handle debt issues from debt collectors, credit scams and building good credit. (Audible version here)

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Tony Robbins

This follow book to his previous one below is a good sequel and an alternate option if you want to get to the "meat" a bit faster. (Audible version here)

money master the game

Tony Robbins

Great book on taking control of your finances and your mindset! Great interviews with the masters of money like Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and Steve Forbes. (Audible version here)

Trading Tools

Trading view

Trading view is my main charting platform. I love that it is web based so no matter what computer you are on, your charts are always available and the same. No worries about future computer changes destroying all the hard work you put in drawing your trend lines. It is free to sign up and use but you do get a bit more with their paid plans so you may eventually want to upgrade once your more familiar with it.


My current broker platform is Oanda. Since I live in the US, broker options are a bit more limited than in other countries as is our leverage options. But so far I'm very happy with Oanda and their service. I use their "FX Trade" platform to execute and manage my positions. I use MT4 simply to handle trade history and data to import into Edgewonk, my journal platform which you can see below.


Funny name but fantastic piece of software. Edgewonk is a journal application for keeping track of all your trades and trading progress. It can easily import data from MT4 for example and conveniently plots the data for you to measure your performance. I use it weekly to log any trades.