Financial independence for everyone.

I love trading. I've spent the last four years of my life dedicated to learning and mastering the forex market and how to trade it. This site is my personal portal, blog and venue to share my strategy, analysis, trading history and tools I've utilized. I hope you find it useful, informative and maybe it will help you further develop your own trading skills and a path to financial freedom. See what I'm learning, doing and if you'd like, contact me and maybe I can help you along your path as well.


My Strategy

I've spent four years building, testing and creating a strategy that works for me. Here you can get into the details of how I trade and the psychology behind it.

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Watch List

I post my weekly and daily watch lists here. See what is on my radar for the month, the week and even the day.

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This catalog is a running diary of all my trades since this site has been active. A journal helps me stay focused and provides me with a wealth of data to back test my strategy and ensure I'm consistent.

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Education, books, blogs and websites. Anything that can give me an edge, focus my thought process and expand my knowledge I'll list and review here.

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