Stash raises $40 million making investing more approachable

Stash lands another round of funding according to this article on TechCrunch. They just announced a Series C round of funding for a nice $40 million.

Stash is a micro-investing app helping younger generations and people unfamiliar with investing get their feet wet. You can start a portfolio with as little as $5 and build it up overtime. It only takes a few minutes to set up and you have over 35 different investment options to start your portfolio. There are a few others in this space like Betterment, Robinhood and Acorns.

I personally love this trend and I'm glad to see investment money pouring into opportunities like this. The ease of use and access allows anyone to start on their path to financial independence. Too often, typically younger generations, are persuaded by the media and stereotypes that the market is evil and anyone playing that "game" belongs in a "Wolf of Wall Street" flick. It is important that people learn how to invest as early as possible.

Unfortunately, many people learn and start too late, trying to catch up and desperately save when they're close to retirement. The uncertain future and almost guaranteed increase in the cost of living will ensure that we all need a handsome stash of funding ready for us after we retire. But even more important, we should all invest NOW and today's youth should take advantage of any app that makes it easy because any small investment now is something and it can grow into something respectable down the road.

Applications like Stash are paving the way for the future of investment. Just like our media consumption, being glued to our mobile devices is unlikely to change. If instead of watching a few more pointless videos or reading yet more negative news, users are instead engaging in their financial future and learning how to put their money to work form them; I call that a win and I look forward to what is yet to come from Stash and many others.