Tesla: Driving into the future

I'm very optimistic about Tesla's future. Ever since the roadster and then followed by the Model S, X and now the 3 series, Elon has made it crystal clear that he is on a crusade to not only change the auto industry but energy, technology and infrastructure.

When the Roadster was first introduced, people were excited about a fun, fast and green automobile. It was expensive however, so a bit out of reach for most of us. But it clearly was a test bed and would pave the way for what I think is now the start of a huge renaissance in the auto industry. Sure it was a bit impractical. There weren't many places to charge it especially if you lived outside of California, it was a two seater which eliminated its usefulness to those like me with a few screaming kidos to drag along and it clearly ran into some technical problems creating a bit of a media firestorm.

But Elon and Tesla pushed on. The model S was a game changer. From its sleek exterior, clean interior and superior technology it immediately became the ultimate electric vehicle, far superior than anything that has ever been done before. I remember as a kid visiting car shows and constantly having my brain teased with the cockpits of concept cars at the auto show that came into Philaelphia every year. I so badly wanted something that was truly different, something that was really inspiring. But it remained a fantasy by the automakers. Efficiency and economics won over design and "change". Elon's model S though seemed to crack that. It appeals to the senses and delivers a taste of the future.

Now here we are with the model 3. We're now crossing a new threshold, cost. Elon is doing what skeptics doubted a short time ago. He's delivering a truly incredible and superior product and now pricing it for anyone. the model 3 is sexy, smart, clean and now affordable. Recently, media outlets have once again pounced to point out a possible issue with one particular crash test. Whether this type of crash rating has any affect on the model 3's sales remains to be seen but Elon is not the type to take a back seat. He's either going to fix it or discredit it. I'll take his side. He's motivated, successful, passionate and like anything, iterations are part of the game. The model 3 is clearly revolutionary and another stepping stone.

This isn't just about the car though. This is about the technology inside of it and the infrastructure changes that are rapidly coming. Tesla's technolgoy is so good, others are using it and now Tesla is simply giving the rights to use their tech away for free! Why? Because they can't build an electric future alone. Musk knows the future of the company and of electric vehicles is at stake and letting everyone have access to their tech creates a greater opportunity for others to step in and expand the market and needed infrastructure such as charging stations...which will only help Tesla. Its brilliant and arguably a wise play considering Tesla still needs to turn a profit.

Lets not forget too that Tesla isn't just cars. They are in the "alternative power" business. They're pushing their battery back up business heavily. In fact they just announced a project in southern Australia to build a massive lithium ion battery farm. I'm extremely excited at their upcoming solar roof tiles that may revolutionize the solar-to-home industry. Their cost may be a bit steep initially but I expect it to come down over time and its comparable to current solar options but a hell of a lot smarter and better looking.

Today, skeptics are still doubting Elon and Tesla. I quite frankly am on board 100% and realize that he is building something that is going to change everything. Building something revolutionary is NOT easy. I've come to learn that every inch of success is met with hate and doubt. Time and iterations are necessary steps needed to prove to the world that you are serious and that you have a better product or idea. Naysayers seem to jump on any issue that attempts to block Tesla's success, from back orders to battery problems. My immediate thought is, "are these people serious?" Who on earth thinks you can change the world without a SINGLE obstacle in your path?

When a sailor stands on the edge of the sea and looks out over the horizon before his/her journey across it, they know that despite its calm appearance, challenge and suffering is beyond what you can see. Business is no different. Tesla is taking off and its not likely that it will reverse its course. If you're not on board, its best you step out of the way.