The moment of truth: Tesla Motors' Model 3 ready for the masses -

Tesla and Elon are force of nature. I'm definitely feeling BULLISH on Tesla and their future. News and recent crash test reviews be damned. Elon is not going to sit back and take any step back lightly. He's a man of massive action and he'll push to ensure his product is the best...period.

The future of the gasoline powered car is bleak. Don't believe me? Just look at the numbers. Tesla is worth...a lot...piles of cash. They have a short history and are already kings in the market. Expanding into commercial vehicles, power utility storage and even home power solutions only locks in a positive outlook in my opinion. Everyone is trying to do what Elon is doing and he is disrupting the entire automotive industry and possibly the utility one as well. We are one small battery tech. break through away from completely replacing gasoline powered cars and trucks.

So I look forward to the Model 3, its future improvements and whatever other magic Elon has up his sleeve. Hell, I may soon see one his creations in my garage or home in the very near future.