Fundamentum: Indian billionaire’s $100m fund for startups

Great article and taste of the startup funding program in India!

Just like in any investment plan, spreading your dollars across multiple streams, currencies and economies is essential. This strategy is a safe-guard against local volatility disrupting your domestic economy. Opportunities could dry up at home but elsewhere, they can be ripe for interested investors to get on board.

One side benefit could potentially be a lower cost of entry as well. Cost of living and the cost of labor in first world countries can limit entry to hot startups to those with deep pockets. I can imagine a startup in a developing economy might present a "value" opportunity.

Bringing outside money into a developing area can also be hugely beneficial to the local people. Not only is your money going towards a local business in that country but also to its employees, contractors and vendors. Some of this will trickle down into anything from infrastructure to utilities, food and other necessities.

The final benefit and something many people may not consider is the fun you may have traveling and visiting these far off places! Everyone wants to travel and what better way than to see the sights, taste the local food and invest at the same time. The bonus of traveling if you're a "Four Hour Work Week" fan is the possible savings you may find not having to reside in your expensive home city paying for a mortgage, utilities and all the baggage of living a "typical" life!