Where it all begins

Welcome and thanks for reading my first blog post! I started this journey a few years ago. A good friend and business associate informed me of a great program that was teaching students how to trade on Forex, the foreign currency exchange. I had no idea what forex was and what it could mean for me. Fast forward a few years later and while it hasn't been easy, it has been one of the greatest things to happen to me.

Infinite Prosperity was started by Lewis Mocker and Amy Sangster. They built a fantastic online training course that does more than just teach you how to trade, it teaches you the most important component of all, the psychology.

Trading is easy. I could spend a day or two and show anyone "how" to trade, what to look for, etc. I picked all that up relatively easily and was trading in no time. But what took me a few years to really learn was the psychology, the patience, the mental component that really makes a trade successful. I've listened to countless stories, audio books and interviews and that's the one major take away. The best traders ever spent years mastering the head game. You need to remain calm, stick to your strategy no matter what and aim for the long game. Scalping or any other strategy that involves quick, big returns just isn't sustainable. There are a few I'm sure that are crushing it but the chances are that you'll blow your account in record time.

So check out Infinite Prosperity. I can't recommend them highly enough. I'm still learning a lot and have a long way to go. They've taught me not only how to trade but how to set goals, focus on success, smarter investment opportunities and how to take a step off the usual path that we all assume we must take. They've opened my eyes to possibilities and concepts I hadn't ever considered. The patience, logic and mindset has transformed my entire life, not just in finance but in every way.

So thanks to everyone at Infinite Prosperity and thanks to you for reading my first post! I hope to a make difference to anyone reading this and looking to create a better, more prosperous life for themselves.