Welcome to my personal portal, blog and venue to share my deepest passion; financial independence.

My name is Kris Rivel. I'm a 40 year old father of two, husband and currently a computer animation artist at Alice Blue. But when the work day is done and the Legos and board games are put away, I'm a super dedicated foreign currency trader, a student of Infinite Prosperity, science enthusiast and health nut.

This site was built so that I may share the years of experience, lessons and cool things I've learned. I decided some time ago that I could no longer be a slave to my money. I don't plan on working into my 60s or 70s and there's not a chance I'm going to depend on antiquated and unreliable safety nets like social security or fee heavy 401k and mutual fund plans. Life is too short and I want to enjoy it. Over the past few years I've learned some incredible lessons about debt, passive income, investing, business and the world economy. My adventure has opened up my eyes to reality and turned me away from the assumed path that many of us walk on. There is a better way.

I hope you find it useful, informative and maybe it will help you further develop your own path to financial freedom. I'm still on a journey to improve myself financially and at some point I hope to mentor others to do the same. But for now, see what I'm learning, doing and if you'd like, contact me and maybe I can help you along your path as well.